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In compliance with the Privacy Act, Art. 13 Legislative Decree. 196/2003 – Privacy Code, the hereby document informs the visitors of our site on the types of cookies that are used, as decided by the guarantor of Privacy’s measure ““Identification of simplified procedures for information and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies” May, 8th 2014 [Doc No web. 3118884] –

What are cookies? Cookies are small files placed on your device / computer which allow you to activate the services and the site’s features.

What cookies do we use? Technical cookies are essential to the proper functioning of some sections of the site. The duration that elapses between the moment the Internet browser is opened and the moment it is closed is called browsing session. Session cookies are cookies that are stored in the computer terminal or other device of the visitor during a browsing session, but which expire and are normally eliminated at the end of a browsing session. How to change your browser preferences. The consent to receive cookies may be also expressed by specific browser configurations for users. Most browsers allow you to set rules to manage cookies sent only by some or all of the sites, an option that provides users with a finer control of the Privacy and to refuse to allow the reception of cookies themselves. Here are the directions for handling cookies through the settings of the major browsers: