In Filostil’s CREATIVE ATELIER we love to go beyond conventional guidelines and immerse ourselves in a creative flow that many times brings amazing results.

We work hand in hand with our Customer.
This is the only way we can guarantee a unique, successful end result in line with market expectations. All starts with the idea that the customer shares with us. This is the first act of the creation process. The full project development may come from a gemstone that needs a unique piece of jewelry to enhance it, from a simple concept or from a sketch. With our designers we are then able to perfect the initial idea in every aspect: aesthetic, functional, productive.

Each piece of jewelry then is made according to the standards of advanced artisan manufactuer that has distinguished Filostil’s activities for nearly 50 years.


At our creative atelier, a key first step happens before the pencil even touches paper: the preliminary meeting with the customer. This moment is crucial and allows us to fully understand the customer’s preferences, wishes and expectations. We may start from an idea suggested by the customer, an existing gemstone availability, or a specific need.



After the preliminary meeting, we move to the design and development step. Our team of designers turns the customer’s ideas into reality through a unique and customized hand drawing able to capture every detail with skill and precision. We also use digital drawing to further evolve the project, providing a clear and detailed vision of the final piece of jewelry.



After the project is defined, we move into in-house manufacture, which involves all steps of workmanship starting with melting. The piece of jewelry takes shape through the craftsmanship of our experts. We also offer the flexibility of finishing a manufacturing process that has already begun outside, ensuring a flawless, high-quality result.



After manufacture, if the bespoke project includes embedding, this delicate step is carried on. Embedding, through various techniques, is a work of precision and craftsmanship. Artisans carefully place the gems to ensure a secure and durable fit. This step is absolutely crucial to enhancing the beauty and integrity of the final piece of jewelry.



After the embedding step, follows the important custom engraving phase, managed expertly by the atelier’s skilled craftsmen. The next stage is finishing, which includes polishing and rhodium-plating. Before delivery, each piece of jewelry is subjected to strict quality control to ensure its perfection in every aspect.



A meeting is finally scheduled for the delivery of the jewels.  During this moment, we make sure that the customer is fully satisfied with the end result and that each jewel fits their expectations. This meeting is an important time to build future partnerships and collaborations, thus making long-lasting business connections based on trust.